Mike Caro is one of the biggest top poker artists

Ask anyone who’s been around the world of poker over the past 50 years: Who are our greatest celebrities?

I can bet that Mike Caro’s name will be high on the list.

He’s known as the “Mad Genius of Poker” for good reason. His poker advice has been appreciated for decades. Back in 2001, he wrote a series of columns for Poker Digest magazine, in which he offered advice to help his readers win in life and in poker. Strategy in poker can be applied immediately to life visit & nbsp;MADUQQ.

One of the more interesting topics is about position; why is it so important and how best to use it?

“Almost no one realizes the importance of last acting,” he said. “It’s important to fully understand your position at the table. Knowing how your opponent is playing their hand before making a decision gives you a big advantage – “the edge”.

Using a little psychology, Mike recommends that you befriend the player to your left who will act after you during the betting round; they will then be less likely to exploit their advantage.

It also works in life. “Make friends with those who have the upper hand, so they will be less motivated to make things difficult for you.”

Here’s a life example Mike describes, “If Harry and you are vying to impress the boss (for example, the two of you are competing for the same promotion), let Harry talk first.” If he “falls flat, you can take advantage of him by politely pointing out weaknesses and providing a stronger alternative.”

On the other hand, “if he jumps, you can bounce with him by just saying that you, of course, agree with a lot of what Harry said, but we need to be careful about this and we need to add to that. ”

Playing limit hold’em, you sit in the middle position. Two other players after the curtain limped. You are holding good starting hands, and plan to keep seeing failure.

If you call the big blind, chances are that one or more opponents behind you will also be limping. Instead, consider raising your salary. Odds are the players behind you will fold their hands, while those who have already made a single bet, possibly including both blinds who already have an investment in hand, will call your 2-bet.

Most importantly, you will get the last betting position – the virtual button. You have acquired a position advantage. Now that the flop has dropped, you can take advantage of it. After the other players have acted, looking at your hole cards, you can make a more informed decision – much to your advantage.

Say you detained AJ. The flop shows two little spades and a second Jack, giving you the top pair on the board – perhaps the best hand at the moment, but very vulnerable.

You have two outs to make Jack travel, and three outs to pair your Ace. Either way, it will probably give you the best hand. But, with a total of only five cards and two cards to come – the turn and the river, the odds of increasing your hand are roughly 4-to-1 against you. If you miss a turn, the odds against the increase go up to more than 8 to 1. So what’s your best bet?

Since you have raised preflop, the remaining three opponents will check on you. The best decision is to bet. It’s more of an advanced bet – more like semi-bluffing. If they all fold, you win the pot. If someone calls, your Jack’s partner has a better chance of staying.


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Updated: November 21, 2020 — 5:43 am