Remember Real Poker Players to Be Winners Not Whimmers

What is a “whimmer,” you may ask. To begin with, volition is a sudden desire or change of mind, especially desire that has no logical explanation.

You may have heard the expression, “He did it on a whim…” It is an impulse or idea that may suddenly come to mind. Sometimes, it can happen to us, even while sitting at the poker table. So, “whimmers” are players who make sudden decisions that might go against the normal mode of playing their hands in such situations.

For example, playing limit Texas hold’em, decent players will usually fold 4-5 off suits from starting position. He probably won’t even play those cards from a late position. But suddenly, for no apparent reason, he had the idea of ​​looking to fail anyway – even with only two opponents standing.

Look, believe it or not, that flop drops 2-3-6 offsuit, giving him a little straight line. Extraordinary! But it can happen. He did it on a whim and it paid off – in capital letters. It made him play even more recklessly; and, the consequences are what you’d expect: He came home a big loser for the night.

I was discussing my willingness to stick around to see the flop with cards that didn’t satisfy my Hold’em Algorithm, when “something told me” to call the big blind and see the flop. I resisted the urge.

Can you guess what happened? Failure will give me nuts! I told my poker friend Byron Ziman about it. A big smile appeared on his face. Without hesitation he said, “if you play with whims, then you become a ‘whimper'” – and then he adds, “acting is not a winner.”