The problems Three Card Poker will continue to have

Most of the players didn’t care. Casinos take notice. The detentions were more to their liking and the players continued to play. From a casino perspective, it’s a win-win situation.

Personally, I would think it would kill the game. But, as good as I am about calculating math, I’m not as good at predicting human behavior – at least in terms of games. The players have shown that overall they just don’t pay attention to payouts. The rest, as they say, is history. The popularity of Three Card Poker will continue to increase until there are more than 2,000 tables worldwide. INTANQQ

Three Card Poker hasn’t changed much over the years. But as other games grew in popularity, growth slowed down considerably and might even start to shrink.

One problem that Three Card Poker always has on visiting is that even the rarest hand – the Straight Flush – is not always the rarest. It’s hard to pay a lot for one hand that happens every 460 bids as evidenced by the payout of 40. Mini-Royal is added to add up to a slightly higher payout, but even that is 1 in 5,000 more.

Another change was made to Three Card Poker which will prove transformative and breathe new life into the game. It doesn’t change much, in addition.

Six Card Bonus added to the game. I believe this sidebet is working for two reasons. The former is allowed for much higher returns as the hand is now ranked according to the best 5 of the 6 cards dealt (3 to player and 3 to dealer). The only hand that actually uses all 6 cards is the 6-Card Royal, which can pay out a lot of money.


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